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Welcome Back, Members! We hope you enjoyed the warm holiday weekend and took the time to enjoy family, reflect and relax. We have a short week with some amazing events and webinars coming up. Let’s start the week off right! ________________________________________________________ Finance for Physicians 101: Part 2 – Los Angeles City …
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PatientPop: Benefits for Private Practice Physicians Saving private practices continues to be a LACMA focus in spite of the market trends and shifts to groups, mergers, and acquisitions. The bottom line is LACMA needs to serve the needs of all physicians regardless if they are a solo practice in Torrance …
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Health Policy

How Physicians Can End Opioid Abuses Opioid overdoses continue to be a leading cause of injury and death in the United States, surpassing deaths from motor vehicle accidents and gun homicides. Among new illicit opioid users, 4 out of 5 reported using prescription drugs prior to using heroin. It is …
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