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Statement from Maria Lymberis, MD for Secretary

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My fellow LACMA members I seek your vote for Secretary of our LACMA. In all my years of service on the LACMA Board, my focus is to support constructive change with accountability, inclusivity and responsiveness to the needs of our members. As a Delegate to CMA and during my service as the Chair of the LACMA Delegation to CMA, I worked to increase member participation, improve our effectiveness and invigorate our delegation by including our young members and promoting the team spirit needed for SOLUTIONS to our challenges.

I stand for ACCOUNTABILITY and OPENESS with a life long record of commitment to CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE. I am known for my ability to work constructively for SOLUTIONS, especially during stressful times full of high conflict issues.

  1. I work to keep you informed and seek your input
  2. I embrace, support and advocate for the need for multiple varieties of practice while I remain a strong, life long advocate for the preservation of the private practice of medicine.
  3. I fight against: the numerous restrictions to access to care for our patients, the regulatory burdens on physicians, the low compensation for our work in many settings, the dangers of the primacy of cost over quality patient care.
  4. I fight to keep the treating physician in charge of the treatment.
  5. I view physician wellness as our profession’s responsibility. I work for the empowerment of physicians to speak up about system problems or unfair regulations. I advocate for work environments that support physicians.
  6. I work for the prevention of physician suicide by providing education with access to consultation and meaningful support for physicians in all settings.

My website, www.lymberis.com, details my life long work in organized medicine. I seek your vote for my election to continue fighting for physician leadership in patient care.

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