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Statement from George Fouras, MD for Councilor-at-Large

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It is my honor to be nominated for the Councilor at Large position for the LACMA Board of Directors. After finishing residency at the LAC + USC Medical center in 1995, I was hired by the SF County Dept. of Health focusing on the mental health care of youth in foster care and probation. For the ensuing 20 years, I have been active in organized medicine with the San Francisco Marin Medical Society and CALPAC. As a Past President of the SFMMS, I have a passion for our profession, and experience in participating in organization leadership. that I have moved back to Los Angeles, and am working with the LA County, Dept. of Mental Health, I would like to become more involved with the county society of my new home.

We are now at the crossroads for major changes in our health care delivery, both at the local state and federal levels. LACMA is in a unique position to drive the discussion for all three arenas. Many of you may have seen or met me at the CMA House of Delegates, and I will continue to advocate for our patients and our profession in that body as well. Recently appointed to the CMA delegation to the AMA House of Delegates, it is my responsibility to work for LACMA and the resolutions that we pass in the CMA House that have national impact.

Finally, as a current member of the CALPAC Board of Directors, and Chair of the PAC of the California Psychiatric Association, I would like to participate more with the efforts of LACMA to elect representatives who support our goals for a healthy and robust medical system of care.

Thank you for your consideration for this important position.

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