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Special Price for A to Z Employment Compliance Manual

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WorkWise Law, PC, is offering their A to Z Employment Compliance Manual to LACMA members for a special price of $1100 (valued at $1500) through September 30, 2018. This manual is the perfect guide for any small business that wants to be in compliance with the myriad of employment and labor laws in the state of California. Included in the manual are all the onboarding documents that are required upon hire; performance review templates; disciplinary templates; medical leave administration guides; termination considerations/ documentation and wage and hour guidance.

The documents and advice given in this manual will save employers thousands of dollars if they are ever audited by the IRS, Department of Labor, Department of Fair Employment and Housing or face a civil complaint. Included is a thirty-minute consultation with the attorneys at WorkWise Law, PC.

Click here to request your copy.

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