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Introducing Docs4LA

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During last month’s Installation I announced the Docs4LA initiative. I am very excited to lead this initiative which will provide the impetus for our organization to be a leader and policy partner on issues that we have not always traditionally weighed in on, but are some of the most significant issues effecting the people of Los Angeles county. These issues include housing, homelessness, transportation, the environment, and gun violence.

LACMA will certainly continue to advocate on the public health and healthcare delivery issues that we have always championed, but through Docs4LA we will look to be leaders and partners on other topical issues that affect the healthcare outcomes of our patients. Additionally, LACMA will be recommitted to our history of service through events like Walk with a Doc and other community service events. Through Docs4LA, LACMA physicians will be part of the solution, because as physicians we are not solely healers, we must be community leaders as well. We will address issues that impact our own lives, as well as the healthcare outcomes of our patients in this highly populated, vibrant, and complex county. Through Docs 4 LA, we will look to help our public servants develop policies that help our housing and transportation crisis, find solutions to environmental issues, and help address gun violence. When policymakers look to find community leaders to help lead and build coalitions, we want them to think of LACMA. Through public policy and community service, Docs4LA will make a positive impact on our members, county, and our patients.

More details will be shared in the coming months.

                                                                         Dr. Sion Roy, LACMA President

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