Executive Committee

Sion Roy, MD – President
Diana Shiba, MD – President-Elect
Jeffery Lee, MD – Treasurer
Omer Deen, MD – Secretary
C. Freeman, MD – Immediate Past President
Jerry Abraham, MD – Councilor-at-Large
Po Yin Samuel Huang, MD – Councilor
Heather Silverman, MD – Councilor
Valencia Walker, MD – Councilor

LACMA’s Executive Committee is composed of the Officers, four councilors or CMA Trustees appointed by the Board.

The executive committee has the authority to act for the Board between Board meetings and to perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Board. The actions of the executive committee are reported to the LACMA Board during regularly scheduled meetings.

Finance Committee

LACMA’s Finance Committee is responsible for achieving fiduciary accountability over LACMA’s financial matters including:

  • Routine review of quarterly financial statements.
  • Providing oversight to LACMA’s investment assets.
  • Review and approval of the next year’s budget.
  • Set strategic financial direction that will ensure organizational viability.
  • Ensure that the legal fiduciary responsibility of LACMA as a nonprofit organization is met.

The Finance Committee meets at least once each quarter, prior to regularly scheduled Executive Committee meetings.

Advisory Committees



African American Physicians Advisory Committee Richard Baker, MD & Toni Chavis, MD
Ambulatory Care Centers Committee David Hopp, MD
Asian American Pacific Islander Physicians Advisory Committee Po Yin Samuel Huang, MD
Latino Physicians Advisory Committee Hector Flores, MD
Medi-Cal Physicians Committee Lemmon McMillan, MD
Women Physicians Advocacy and Issues Committee Stephanie Booth, MD
Young Physicians Advisory Committee Jerry Abraham, MD and Po Yin Samuel Huang, MD